About Us

Paladin Automation LLC is a team of military veteran UAS (drone) pilots. We are consummate professionals who are passionate about drones.

We want to bring our experience to you.

Our Team

Dave, Chief Droner

Our Equipment

Parrot Anafi

The Anafi is our “up-and-away” drone for commercial jobs. It features a 21MP photo, 4K video camera that tilts from nadir (straight down) to zenith (straight up). We use it for Location Photography, Inspection, and Mapping.

F550 (Pixhawk/Cube)

The F550 was our first drone for research and development purposes. We use the Cube Orange flight controller with an Ardupilot flight stack and Mission Planner GCS software. This drone features a GoPro Hero 7 camera that still records some of the best quality video we have seen for a drone of this size.

Sparkfun Quad (ModalAI Flight Core)

The Sparkfun Quad was an old hobby kit that we refurbished with new avionics for research and development purposes. We replaced the Arduino board with the ModalAI Flight Core running PX4 and a QGroundControl GCS.

Our equipment is NDAA compliant, meeting the DoD requirements for non-covered entities.

Let’s put automation to work for you.