This fall, new entrants to the U.S. Drone Industry have been coming out of the woodworks. It seems that every time I make a update to the DRONES Index to keep it fresh, another change happens within two weeks. In light of this rapid change, I’m going to stop treating updates as monumental occasions, and just treat them as a recurring task every 2-3 months.

There are two new additions to the DRONES Index this month:

  • Kaman Corporation (KAMN), an 80-year old helicopter manufacturer, emerged from stealth mode with a new unmanned logistics solution (KARGO) that appears to target military and commercial middle-mile logistics transportation customers.
  • AT&T (T), which needs no introduction, unveiled its “Flying COW” (Cell-On-Wings) drone; the COW appears to be a tethered octocopter that acts as a temporary cellular tower during major events and natural disasters.

Of note, Hyundai Motor Company also recently emerged as a potential Urban Air Mobility (UAM) candidate; however, as a foreign company, it does not meet my criteria for inclusion in the DRONES U.S. Drone Market Index.


Yield: 0.49%    Beta: 1.37

This blog site does not handle tables very gracefully, so I’ll abstain from a full recap of the asset allocation for this post. If you are interested in receiving the table as a spreadsheet, I offer it as one of my automated investing research products, which I also use to generate these graphs with one button.

Conveniently enough, both new companies fit nicely into the Income Portfolio, so I only need to update one graphic.

DRONES Income Portfolio
DRONES Income Portfolio

Yield: 2.10%    Beta: 1.18

With the recent additions of mature, profitable companies to the Income Portfolio, it is now generating a respectable dividend yield. In fact, we now have DRONES Income Portfolio representation across several market sectors: Industrials, Utilities, Information Technology, and Communications Services. For those who would like to access the spreadsheet version of my source information, follow this link to subscribe.

This winter, I intend to start writing segments on Market Area Focus and Company Spotlight. These will aim to highlight the real innovation drivers in the Drone Industry, and I hope to provide my readers insight into those companies that are not well-covered by the major Investing sites. If you have special requests, please leave a comment below.







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